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Ringing the Bell on Christmas Eve (Listen!)

In 2007, St. Pauli revived a bell ringing tradition that took place in the early days of the church when Nels Marius Nelson was the klokker (bell ringer) and custodian.  

His family tell of this custom in Pennington County History (1976),

Mother and Dad were members of the St. Pauli Lutheran Church which is located about a half mile north of the home place. All eight of us children were baptized and confirmed from that church. Mother herself (Hannah Louise Lokken) was confirmed there around 1900 [August 4, 1903] with Carrie [Karen] Fredrickson, Fred Fredrickson, Annette Loken, and a Hostvet boy [Adolph]. I. T. Aastad was the pastor at the time. Dad was the klokker or bell ringer and custodian of the church for many years. Many times we would help clean the church, and when there was to be a funeral we would assist Mother in decorating the church for the funeral. In winter Dad would have to go to the church early to get a good fire going so that it would be fairly comfortable by the time church services started. On Christmas Eve some of us would trudge [with Dad] through the snow over to the church and ring the bell, heralding the birth of the Christ-Child, and again on Near Year’s Eve to ring in the new year....

When Nels and Hannah’s daughter, Myrtle Erickson, was in her mid-80s, she spoke of this tradition to a member of the congregation and the church reinstituted the bell ringing on Christmas Eve 2007.

Myrtle passed away less than three months later on March 14, 2008.

Christmas Eve 2007

If this looks easy, it's not!
Bruce Mathson Chris Mathson Carter David Lee
Gary Iverson
(current klokker)
Jan Strandlie Jim Strandlie
Jodie Torkelson Kari Torkelson Madison Underwood
Kari Torkelson
Marisa Johnson Benson
Wahna Torkelson Smith
Wally Torkelson Michelle Mathson Forness
Shelley Mathson Oliver (Skip) Swanson Travis Underwood

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