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Service of Dedication: 18 July 1943

St. Pauli Lutheran Church
11:15 A.M.

Opening Prayer
Opening Hymn #39
Confession of Sin
The Gloria
The Collect for the Day
The Epistle: Ephesians 2:1-9
Hymn #401, 1&2
Dedication Hymn #89, 1-4
Presentation of Confirmation Class Memorial: Beverly Netteland
Presentation of Memorial Altar Statue: Goldy Finstad
Dedication and Prayer
Hymn #81
Offering for Christian Education
Hymn #56
Closing Prayer

Our Altar Statue
Our beautiful altar statue, a copy of Hoffman's Christ, is dedicated to the memory of the late Mrs. Peter Thune, Tobias Stene, and Mrs. A. A. Odegaard. Memorial gifts from friends and relatives of these honored dead, together with a gift from the St. Pauli Luther League, have made this fine addition to our church possible. May it long endure as an emblem of the faith of our fathers. And may our beautiful image of the Lord extending His arms in blessing over us remind us of His abiding benediction on us, as we will continue to worship and serve Him in His church.

Confirmation Memorial
We gratefully acknowledge the memorial gift of the Confirmation Class of 1942, given in appreciation for what they have received. Their beautiful gift of matching pulpit and altar cloths of beautiful silk rayon will add much to the beauty of our church. These cloths are green in color, the color for Trinity season, the longest season in the church calendar year. Green is also the color of life and victory. It represents growth in Christian life.

The crosses on both the pulpit and altar cloths serve to remind us of the one cross on which Our Saviour died. The letters, HIS, at the center of the altar superfrontal, are the monogram or abbreviation of the Greek word for Jesus, being the first three letters of the word “Jesus” in the Greek.

We express our sincere thanks to the Confirmation Class for their fine gift and hope that classes in the future will follow their fine example. It is our heartfelt prayer that the lives of these fine young people may also be in keeping with the symbolic significance of their gift; that they may make Chris the center of their lives, that in the life and victory that are ours through Him, they may steadily grow in Christian living.

1942 Confirmation Class Photo
back row:
Beverly Netteland
Esther Hanson
Rev. Skibsrud
Rosemary Hauge
Mabel Torkelson

front row:
unknown Urdahl
Marion Torkelson
Kermit Finstad
Leslie Snetting

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